About Me

Mohd.Aziz, the playback singer has always been an enigma in the Mumbai film industry.

Shows Around† the† World

Though Mohammed Aziz started singing in 1984 in hindi films but he has got his relation from stage performance since last 40 years. He used to sing Rafi sahebís song in his early days when he was not known as a playback singer , but after becoming a playback singer he started to sing his own songs and the numbers started to increase very fast. He has sung more than 13,000 songs in various Indian languages and now his name is a guarantee of the Stage Shows in India and abroad. He is indulged in performing stage shows world wide. He has a great followship and a vast number of his fans all over the world. His name itself is a guarantee to his sponsors and organizers for the success of the show.

With Three 'M'


WHEN THE 3rd M mets the 1st M......... MOHD RAFI


WHEN THE 3rd M mets the 2nd M......... MEHDI HASSAN