About Me


Mohammed Aziz, the playback singer has always been an enigma in the Mumbai film industry. Born on the 2nd of July 1954 in a spiritual family of Syed Shah Aman, nobody knew that this baby has born to change the routes of the family in near future.

Mohammed Aziz was very keen lover of music and from the very childhood he used to murmur songs of the greatest Mohd.Rafi

Being an ardent lover of music and Mohd. Rafi, and inspired by his style and renditions Mohammed Aziz started singing amongst his friends and colleagues. Gradually he became a hot favourite of all the circle of music lovers in Kolkata and was offered to sing in a restuarnat ‘Ghalib’ in his earlier days of singing.And the day came when he started his debut with a Bengali film ‘Jyoti’ in 1984, and the music directors were the duo Swapan-Jagmohan.

He sang in ‘Amber’ which was the hindi version of Jyoti and it was the debut film of the Bengali super star Prasanjit who happens to be the son of the famous hindi actor Biswajit.

While his struggling days he met Usha Khanna and she recognized the charm and versatality of his voice and offered him to sing in her upcoming film.

Recognition of his voice started and audience heard a very powerful and melodious voice with a very high pitch and stuffed with unbelievable quality. The voice was filled with the sweatness of honey, and a sky high range which was incomparable to the singers of that time.

When Anu Mallick heard this voice he was so thrilled and used his voice for the greatest Amitabh Bachchan, there were two songs in Mard and both of the songs happened to be a blockbuster.

After the success of Mard there was no looking back for this soft tone, soft hearted and versatile artiste, the charm was not over and then he met the Legendry duo Laxmikant- Pyarelal, it was a historical meet in the sense that this trio created numbers of memorable charbusters like Karma, Nagina, Aakhri Raasta, Amrit, Ram Lakhan, Khuda Gawah etc. Kaala Dhanda Gorey Log was the starting of the successful journey of this trio.