WHEN THE 3rd M mets the 1st M........MOHAMMED RAFI

Mohd. Rafi sb has always been a source of inspiration for Mohammed Aziz, he started murmuring his songs when he never knew that the fate is writing something extra ordinary for him. Mohammed Aziz is not only inspired by Rafi sb but regards him as his idol, he is a die hard fan of Rafi sb and it is his love that he can sing any song of his idol without looking at the words. Mohammed Aziz remembers the day when he met his idol in 1976 in Kolkata and following his foot prints Mohammed Aziz presented himself as another greatest playback singer of the Indian film Industry, he loves his idol and follow him in every walk of life as a result we can see one another sophisticated, humble, soft spoken and soft hearted artiste who has been a living legend itself.

WHEN THE 3rd M mets the 2nd M.........MEHDI HASSAN

Borders can never be a barrier to the lovers and so Mohammed Aziz proved. Mohammed Aziz is a great music lover and a great fan of the greatest Mehdi Hassan saheb. Very few know that Mohammed Aziz is a very fine ghazal lsinger and his voice touches the heights of finesse when it comes to ghazal. Mohammed Aziz met the legend Mehdi Hassan saheb once at the airport when the flight was delayed. He met him and was uncontrolled to capture his emotions when he came to know that the legend knows him. He asked permission to sing Mehdi Hassan saheb’s renowned ghazal ‘Ranjish hi sahi’ including some more numbers and the later was so happy and bestowed his blessings and good wishes. He met Mehdi Hassan sb for the second time in Mumbai after the prayers of Namaaz-e-Juma and while conversation Mehdi sb. told ‘how do you manage to sing the composition of Naushad sb? Zaroor tum pe Khuda ka khaas karam hai’and one can easily feel the purity and devotion in his voice. Mohammed Aziz says ‘ I always find myself under the shadows of love and affection of these two ‘M’ when I see right I see Mohd.Rafi and when I see left I see Mehdi Hassan and I am the most fortunate ‘M’ to have these two ‘M’ with me.